Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Universes shittest spaceship ?!

Niel Bushnell from Qurios sent me these pics the other day, and we discussed if this ship had any merits what so ever ?! The answer was a simple NO ! These were the gunship's that shot down the Scorpio in the final episode of Blake's 7, and as I said to Niel if I was the Scorpio I'd have been pretty pissed off to have been downed by such a naff spaceship !

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just what is it in the tree on Dagobah !?

In The Empire Strikes Back there's a scene where Luke Skywalker decends inside a tree to face an apparition of Darth Vader. What's always puzzled me is there seems to be a man made wall down there, like a corridor,maybe part of a temple, yet I've never seen or read any sort of explanation as to what it is or if it was a scene/idea that was cut early on from the script ! The wall can be seen in these behind the scenes photos from the filming of the scene.

Scenes I love...scenes I hate !

Here's two scenes from 2 Peter Jackson films, now the reason I love the wizard fight scene in Fellowship of the Ring between Gandalf and Saruman is the simplicity of what is happening, no fancy lightening bolts and digital FX, it's all pure invisible magic energy and it seems to pack a hell of a punch. This could have quite easily gotten out of control FX wise but it doesn't...

...however a scene I hate is the dinosaur stampede in King Kong, the whole thing from beginning to end is one of the biggest f**k ups in cinema history, I thought George Lucas had directed this part of the movie. The scene with just one Brontasaurus running down that narrow gully would have been pretty dangerous in terms of avoiding being squished as it ran past, yet we are given not only multiple huge dino's but the smaller and more deadly Raptor type, then there's running on the edge of a cliff as it collapses and the dodge the giant dinosaurs rolling down the hill, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks !!!